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1) Public holiday shifts
2) Public holiday non-worked shift
3) Public holiday worked shift
4) Public holiday shifts appearance in the timesheet
5) Manual public holiday shift creation
6) Payroll interpretation example



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1) Public holiday shifts

Public holiday timesheet shifts will be automatically generated for relevant employees.


NOTE: To change the public holidays your organisation observes, please refer to the first guide in the RELATED ARTICLES section.


For most organisations public holiday shifts are generated for permanent employees (part time and full time employees). A public holiday shift is often referred to as a Public holiday non worked shift (e.g. a standard working day for an employee). If an employee worked a public holiday this is referred to as a Public holiday worked shift.

Many organisations have different requirements relating to public holidays. Due to this, organisations can take action to satisfy their requirements using this guide.


NOTE: If a shift is not automatically created for an employee, it could be due to incorrect configuration. Users can create a shift manually by following the instructions below.


2) Public holiday non-worked shift

Public holiday shifts are created based on the settings assigned in the users pay group. The following steps will guide users to the location of the public holiday settings.

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Select the user.
  4. Click Payroll.
  5. Click the award pay group the user is assigned to (e.g. Full Time).
  6. Scroll down to Public Holiday Rates - Public Holiday Shifts to see the current settings.


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the timesheet manager to review the public holiday non worked shift(s) and adjust the duration if required. This can be done by editing the public holiday shift on the timesheet and changing the duration.


3) Public holiday worked shift

The other type of shift a user can have on a public holiday is a shift called a Public holiday worked shift. How this shift is paid is set in a users pay group:

Follow steps 1-5 described in the previous section, then:

  1. Scroll down to Public holiday rates - Worked shift to see the current settings.


4) Public holiday shifts appearance in the timesheet

Public holiday non worked shift

Public holiday non worked shift and worked shift

The example provided above indicates that the user clocked a shift on the public holiday. In this example the user is also entitled to a non-worked public holiday shift, which has automatically generated based on standard daily hours. This situation will need to be handled manually if it is an issue, typically by nullifying the public holiday non worked shift (the one with the P is the public holiday non-worked shift).


5) Manual public holiday shift creation

Depending on your configuration a public holiday shift may not have been automatically generated for an employee. There could be many reasons for this (standard hours not set) but a public holiday shift can still be created manually.

  1. Create a shift on the timesheet.
  2. Under Shift type select Public Holiday.
    The option to select Public holiday only exist on the day of a public holiday.
  3. Click Save.


6) Payroll interpretation example

The below is an example of the payroll interpretation for the situation when someone works on a public holiday.

James Broad is a full time employee and gets paid a standard 7.6 hours on that day. As this is a standard day for James it will be calculated at his standard rate or at a 1x multiplier. James worked an 8 hour shift, the system therefore automatically adjusted the standard 1x multiplier payroll code to 8 hours. In this case James will be paid a total of 2.5x for the 8 hours on that day.

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