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  • How do permissions work
  • The different permissions
  • Organisation permission
  • Group permission

What are permissions

Permissions control the level of access a user has within easyemployer. This allows users to focus on their areas of responsibility and only allows access to sensitive information to the appropriate people.  

Why use permissions

Permissions are a mandatory requirement in the easyemployer system. Permissions are set based on company requirements and tasks users need to complete in the system. If issues exist with the permissions that a user has been granted within the system they should contact their manager for support.

How do permissions work

A user can have higher permissions for the whole organisation or for a specific part of the group tree (See: The group structure). If a user is assigned to a higher organisation permission, then that permission is applied to every group (e.g. every role in every site) in the organisation. If the user is assigned to a higher permission for a particular group, then that permission is applied from that group in the hierarchy (e.g. a roles in a particular site or area).

The different permissions

There is a default set of permissions configured in easyemployer. For a description of the permissions and the functions that the various roles can perform, see 'Permissions and Function'.  Your organisation might have custom permission sets or if you require one, please contact the easyemployer help desk. 

How to set an organisation permission

Setting an organisation permission for an employee will apply that role across the whole organisation.

To set an organisation permission:

1. Click on Organisation tab


2. Click on Users


3. Click the user

4. Click Anbility option drop down.png next to Status

5. Click Manage


6. Click on the Permissions tab


7. To change their Organisation Permission level press on "(Change)" located next to their current Organisation Level


8. Once selected, a screen with a drop-down menu will appear, which contains a list of the different permission levels available


9. Select the appropriate permission level and press the Update button.

10. A confirmation message will appear to ensure that changes being made are intentional


11. When updated, the following message will appear to confirm the changes: "Successfully updated organisation permissions for user"

Note: this can also be access through the organisation -> user -> permission tab under Organisation permission

How to set group permissions

Permissions can be applied to groups giving higher access to a user but for only a certain section of easyemployer

For example, if our organisation group structure is split into Kitchen and Front of House and we only want to give our manager access to Front of House only:

1. Click the organisation tab


2. Click users


3. Click the user

4. Click on permissions


5Choose the 'Add permission' under Group Permissions


6. Select the appropriate group(s) and press the Update button


7. To change the permission level, press on the level noted under "Group Permissions"


8. Select the appropriate permission level from the drop-down box and click update



9. Now that user will be able to access more functions for the front of house only through their online account.


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