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What are placeholder hours

Placeholder hours are the hours that do not contribute to functionality within roster or timesheet. Shifts in placeholder roles will not conflict with other shifts. 

Note: These hours can only be enabled on roles. 

Why is this important

Some organisations have a requirement to roster shifts that do not require an hourly rate. These shifts require employees to be on 'stand-by' just in case they are required or to be passive during the length of the shift. The placeholder hours enable this functionality. 

How to enable placeholder hours for a specific role 

1. Click on Organisation

2. Click on Organisation Structure

3. Click on the specific group you need to 

4. Click on Settings tab on the left hand side.

  • Place the cursor on the help icon in front of placeholder hours and it will display the help text explaining about the option
  • To enable this option Click on Edit or double click on No
  • Click the check box and Click Save 

5. There will be a confirmation window with the warning on that. Click Ok to proceed

6. This role will have placeholder hours selected as Yes

Repeat the steps if you want to add this for any other role(s).


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