The Organisation Structure | Cost Centre Codes*

This guide contains the following topics:

  • What are cost centre codes
  • Where are cost centre codes assigned
  • How to assign cost centre codes

What are cost centre codes

Cost centre codes are used to track costs inside of your payroll application. Depending on your payroll application, you can have:

  • Job codes
  • Cost centre codes
  • Class codes (cost centre codes)

Where are cost centre codes assigned

These codes are assigned to the role level in the group tree.

How to assign cost centre codes

1. Click Organisation


2. Click Organisation Structure


3. Click a role.  In this example I have click Shop Assistant


4. Click Settings


5. Next to the cost centre code / job code click Edit


6. Select the cost centre code from the drop down.  If you need to create a new cost centre / job code, click the Manage values button cog.png


7. Click the add button


8. Enter:

  • Value
  • Description
  • Click Save (you can add more here by clicking the add button before clicking save)


9. Select the cost centre / job code from the drop down and click Save


10. The cost centre will now be assigned



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