The organisation structure - job codes

This guide contains the following topics: 

  • Assigning Job Codes in easyemployer
  • Example Job Code Split in Interpreted Data file

What are job codes

Job codes enable users to categorise labour costs for shifts worked against specific roles within the externally integrated application.

Why would you use this feature

To complete a wages costing inside of a payroll app, across roles

When would you use this feature

This feature is used when integrating with a payroll app, such as MYOB


Assigning Job Codes in easyemployer

Certain payroll applications accept the importing of job codes in the interpreted timesheet data file.


1. Open Organisation from the top navigation bar

2. Select Organisation Structure

2. Click on the role you wish to configure

3. Click Settings

4. Edit the Job Code list by clicking on Edit 

5. Click the manage values button sttngs.png

This will bring up a list of job codes

Click the + button to add a new Job Code


6. Add the appropriate values and press Save


7. Assign the Job Code and press Save 



Example job code split in interpreted data file




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