Configuring observed public holidays

This article includes the following topics:

  • Reviewing public holidays (organisation)
  • Adding a public holiday (organisation)
  • Reviewing and adding public holidays (site)

Your responsibilities regarding public holidays

  • It is the responsibility of the easyemployer account holder to ensure that all public holidays are configured correctly as per the business requirements. This includes but is not limited to regional/territorial public holidays.
  • New Zealand "Mondayisation" of public holidays is not configurable/automated in easyemployer. These are required to be calculated manually.

Why use this feature

  • This feature is used to configure the public holidays observed throughout an organisation
  • This can be useful if staff are paid differently or do not work on public holidays

When to use this feature

  • When a public holiday is approaching
  • At the beginning of a new year

Reviewing Public Holidays (organisation)

1. Click Organisation


2. Click Organisation


3. Click Public Holidays


4. All the public holidays will be displayed

5. Users can change the Year, Country or State/Region being displayed by clicking on the corresponding drop down menus.



Adding a Public Holiday (Organisation)

1. Open the Public Holidays section by following the steps above in Reviewing Public Holidays

2. Click the Add Public Holiday button


3. Complete form and click Submit



Reviewing and adding public holidays (site)

1. Select Organisation from the top navigation bar


2. Select Organisation Structure


3. Select a Site


4. Select Settings from the left navigation bar and confirm that the site is set to the correct state


5. Select Public Holidays from the left navigation bar

6. The public holidays observed in the site will be denoted by a green tick, and the holidays not observed will have a red cross


7. To edit which holidays are observed, press the pencil edit icon

8. Check-boxes will now appear in place of the ticks and crosses. 


9. Tick the holidays that need to be observed and press the floppy-disk save button

10. To add a new public holiday press on the Create Public Holiday button


11. Input the details, ensuring that the observed by this site box is checked, and press submit. The holiday will now be observed at that site.


12. You can limit which holidays are displayed by checking the show observed holidays only box


13. You can also refine what is displayed by the year and state 


14.When opened, the public holidays will automatically be sorted by date (January - December). This order can be changed by pressing on the heading for Date Period again, changing the order to December - January. The holidays can also be sorted by State/Region, Name, Date Period and Observed.


15. The arrow next to the heading represents the order in which the list is being sorted




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