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TV Dashboard

The easyemployer TV Dashboard has been designed to supply at a glance information to owners and managers to help them identify the exact status of the different work areas in their organisation. The TV dashboard will display information regarding the status of employees across the organisation such as; which employees are currently on shift, on break or late.

Whilst easyemployer provides a dashboard for managers to login / view on their easyemployer account on a desktop; this is not the most convenient method of looking at time and attendance data quickly.

Whilst a timeclock / kiosk provides real time information; it is specific to an ‘area’ of the organisation chart. Checking each kiosk manually would be an inefficient use of time, for this reason this feature has been developed to help managers and owners monitor their workforce in real time. 

The TV Dashboard removes the above limitations and can display time and attendance data for an entire organisation; in a convenient format. Even though this type of requirement is more typical from larger organisations who need to coordinate tasks or services across multiple sections of their business, this feature may also be suitable for smaller organisations with fewer staff. 

TV Dashboard Requirements 

  • The TV Dashboard is designed to be displayed on TV’s with a recommended minimum size of 32 inch.
  • The TV Dashboard must be displayed on a TV with a minimum resolution of 1280x720px.
  • It is the client's responsibility to ensure the native smart TV web browser displays the TV dashboard correctly.
  • If the client’s native smart TV web browser does not display the TV dashboard correctly; we recommend the purchase of a device (Android BOX / Intel Compute Stick) that can run the current version of Google Chrome browser.

TV Dashboard Display Example


The sections displayed on the dashboard contain information regarding employees that have not yet started their shift, employees currently on a break and employees whose shift will be finishing soon. Each of these sections display countdown timers and colour coding that warn / notify observers of any potential issues. 

It is important to remember that the Dashboard is a display only. Users cannot interact with the Dashboard in any way.

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