User availability

This article includes the following topics:

  • Updating a users availability
  • Visual Indication of Changes
  • Seeing Other User(s) Availability

What is availability

The availability system allows users to select times that they are unable to work informing their manager of times they can work.  

Why is this important

This feature enables users to submit and adjust availability so they are not rostered for a shift they cannot fulfil. Managers can update a users availability should the user be unable to do so. 

Updating a users availability

1. Open the users profile

2. Click availability


You can also click the users name in the roster or roster template and click manage availability 


Visual Indication of Changes

1. When an employee makes a change to their availability, this will now be shown as pending on the weekly availability screen


2. Using the example above, you can see that the user has updated their availability and the changes are:

  • Unavailable on Monday from 7 am - 10 am
  • Unavailable all day on Thursday
  • Now user is available on Saturday from 7 am - 12 am

Seeing Other User(s) Availability

When a user submits their availability request, you can now view the availability of other users before approving or declining the request

1. Click the toggle button next to the day to display the day view


2. The Organisation Availability screen will be displayed.  

3. You will be familiar with this as it is the same as the leave requests Shifts and Availabilities screen


4. In the above screen user can:

  • Admin can easily see who is available or unavailable indicated by the colours
  • Change the scope to only select certain groups
  • Move through the days using the Next Day / Previous Day buttons


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