The To Do list

This article includes the following topics:

  • Acting on a To Do list
  • Hiding a to do item
  • Show hidden to do(s)
  • Consolidated to do items to reduce the number of items for multi-site organisations 

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What is this feature

The to do list in easyemployer is used to ensure that all essential or important tasks have been completed and receive reminders.

Why is this feature important

Checking the to do list is recommended upon logging in. This feature helps to remind users of important upcoming tasks. 

To Do List

To do list falls under the “Home” tab. This is the summary of your easyemployer that highlights the upcoming tasks and to do list. For example,


There can be few things we can do with a specific indication in a to do list like,

How to act on a to do list

1. Click on the down arrow key2014-10-21_09h32_53.png to view details of a to do.


2. This will display the details about a to do.

3. Click on the blue button, in this case it is view button, 2014-10-21_09h35_58.png to view the details of this to do.


4. Click on the appropriate option in this case click on save and approve button2014-10-21_09h37_55.png.


5. This will save the roster and will display the following message and that to do will be removed from the to do list.



How to hide a to do list item

1. Click the hide button 2014-10-21_09h40_30.png located at the right hand side of the to do list.


2. This will display a dialogue where you can choose how long the item will be hidden for


3. Once you have made your selection, click submit and  the selected item will be hidden.


How to show hidden to do list items

Hidden to do items will be indicated at the top right side of your to do list.
1. Click on hidden button2014-10-21_09h43_28.png to see the hidden items

2. A pop up window will appear that will show all the hidden items at that time


3.To Unhide a single to do, Click on unhide button,  2014-10-21_09h44_47.png on the right hand side of a specific to do,that you want to unhide.


4. To Unhide all to dos, Click on Unhide all button,2014-10-21_09h45_20.png  and it will unhide all the to dos.



Consolidated to do list

Some to do items have now been consolidated into 1.These include birthdays, rosters etc.  If you have access to multiple sites, roster to dos will now be shown in 1 to do item.  

1. Click the down arrow key 2014-10-21_09h32_53.png on the consolidated to do item


2. The items that relate to the subject will be displayed


3. Clicking on the action column  will cause a pop up box to appear.


4. Choose an action and the to do item will be resolved.


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