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  • How to customise shift breaks
  • Minimum on break length

What is the customise shift breaks function

This feature is used to enter new break types into an award. 

Why is this important

Some organisations have non-standard employment agreements with their staff that may necessitate the creation of a new break type.

How to create a custom break type

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Awards

3. Click the Award

4. Scroll down to Break types

  • Here you can create the breaks that will be used through the award

5. After creating some Break Types, locate and click the particular Award Pay Group you wish to add the Break to (NOTE: pay groups can also be located within positions at the top of the award):

6. After clicking edit, scroll down and under Break types you can select the breaks that are relevant to the pay group

 7. Click Submit and then Save and Update and you're done!


Minimum on break length

A minimum on a break can be set to automatically enforce this value.   An example of this would be a 30 min lunch break.  If a user takes 24 mins, the system can automatically adjust to 30 mins. 

To set the minimum, follow the steps above and enter a value in the minimum field.


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