Award - role rates

This guide contains the following topics:

  • What are role rates
  • How to view what role rates are configured
  • How to manage the role rate
  • Explanation of terminology

NOTE: Depending on your level of access, you may not be able to view awards or make any changes to awards. If in doubt, speak to your organisations easyemployer account owner. This guide sets the default award role rates but they can also be set per user, called "user role rates".

What are role rates

The role rates feature allows you to assign a specific base rate to a role. This is commonly used for paying a higher rate to employees when they are performing duties that warrant a higher rate.  

Why would you use role rates

Role rates can be used to pay an employee (user) according to the role they work, rather than their regular pay rate.

When would you use role rates

Role rates would be used when an employee works multiple roles at varying pay rates.

How to view what role rates are configured

The role rates are located within each award under the section Role Rates

1. Click Organisation


2. Click Awards


3. Click the award


4. Scroll to the section Role rates



How to manage the role rate

Once you have found the role rates section above:

1. Click Manage Role Rates


2. You can now remove role rates or edit existing ones


3. To add a Role Rate, select the RoleLinked Position, Linked Rate Group and select if the Higher Rate is to be enforced then click Add.


4. Click Update when you have completed the updates. 


Explanation of terminology

Enforce higher rate 

  • Yes - the employee will be paid the higher rate, either their base rate, or the role rate, whatever is highest
  • No - the employee is paid the role rate, independent of their base rate


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