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This article includes the following topics:

  • How does this work
  • Enabling and disabling clocking options
  • Enabling and Disabling Clocking Options for Bulk Users

What are clocking methods 

Clocking methods refer to the ways that a user can record their shift times in easyemployer. 

How does this work

If your organisation uses multiple clocking methods, e.g. fingerprint clocking, mobile clocking or PIN clocking, this can be customised for an individual user so they can only clock with a specific method, e.g. fingerprint clocking.  

Why would you use this feature

This can be beneficial if your organisation uses fingerprint clocking but you have an employee that is having trouble scanning with their fingerprint.  You can enable the time clock clocking option for only specific users so other users cannot use it and have to fingerprint. 

Note: In order to use mobile clocking, the feature needs to be enabled in your account. To enable this feature, please contact easyemployer support on support@easyemployer.com

The app will also require the employees to download the iPhone or Android app to clock. Please select one of the following links to download the app:

Only users with the correct permission levels can edit time clock options.  The standard permissions that are required for editing are Owner or Administrator. 

How to enable and disable clocking options

1. Click on Organisation tab on the top bar


2. Click on Users


3. Click on the specific user whose clocking options need to change (I clicked Joe Bloggs)


4. Click on Clocking


5Choose the Clocking Options for the user and click Save


6. Repeat these steps to do it for other users


Enabling and Disabling Clocking Options for Bulk Users

1. Select Organisation from the top navigation bar


2. Select Users


3. Press on the Bulk User Access buttonblkuser.png


4. You can now edit the clocking options for multiple users at the same time


5. You can select which users are displayed through sorting by Active, Inactive and Terminated, or by using the Choose Groups button located in the top right corner of the screen.


6. Press submit to save the changes made



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