HOW TO: Install time clock with fingerprint scanning

This guide contains the following information:

Step 1. Minimum Requirements

Please ensure the computer you plan to install the fingerprint scanning time clock on meets the Time Clock requirements

We highly recommend the use of a suitably qualified technician to perform the following tasks as technical steps will need to be performed in a user account with Administrator privileges. The time clock itself needs to be run in a user account that all staff that need to clock can access, this can be a non administrator account. Please contact your IT support for more information.

As part of the provisioning process you will receive the USB fingerprint scanner shipped by HRMWEB. Contained in the package will be a Time Clock link and password, please keep these handy as you will need them during this install process.

Step 2. Install the required software

Install Java Runtime

1. Download and Install the latest version of Java runtime

Download the Java installer from:



Press the Free Java Download button. 

Run and install it accepting the default prompts except for the ones relating to potentially unwanted programs (e.g. it may offer to install Mcafee antivirus)    


2. Install Digital Persona USB fingerprt reader drivers

  • Download digital persona drivers installer:
    1. For 32 bit Windows use Digital Persona RTE v2.2.3 x86 for Timeclock
    2. For 64 bit Windows use Digital Persona RTE v2.2.3 x64 for Timeclock

Your computer may flag the drivers as potentially dangerous


  • "Keep" the driver
  • Run the installer accepting the default prompts
  • Accept the terms in the license agreement



Reboot the computer and log back into Windows



Step 3. Install the Time clock

1.  Log into the user account which staff members can communally access (non administrator user account will work) and Install the time clock (note: if you have not already installed Firefox please do so by browsing to )

  1. Open Firefox and ensure browser popups are set to enabled


    Disable popups: Sometimes the browser may need to have popups enabled to allow the dashboard to appear when the time clock in minimised.
    • Go to Options



Select Content


Press on the Exceptions button. Add the following 2 entries:




2. Enter the link into the Firefox address box from the time clock you created.

3. Enter the password from the time clock you created.


4. Your browser may prompt you to run the applet, press yes


5. A java prompt will appear titled “Do you want to run this application”, tick “do not show this again…” and click “run”.


6. A security warning will appear detailing the time clock security information (e.g. web site:, tick “do not show this again for this app and website” and click “allow”.


7. The Time clock will appear- bookmark this website so it's easy for you and your staff to get to

8. Create application shortcuts for the time clock for the desktop and task bar. Go this link for further instructions.

9. Place a shortcut in the startup folder if you would like the time clock to automatically open when the user logs into Windows. 

Step 4.  Enroll staff member fingerprints & start clocking

A manager with easyemployer manager or above level permissions can then log in using their pin number, enroll their own fingerprint and start enrolling other staff members’ fingerprints (biometric model only).

Staff can now start clocking using pin codes and/or fingerprint scanning.

Please see our time & attendance guides  on our knowledge base for more information on pin code and biometric clocking functions (including how to set staff member pin codes).


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