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This article includes the following topics:

  • What is a payroll entity
  • Assigning a payroll entity to a user

If your organisation has multiple payroll entities (e.g. multiple payroll accounts) you might need to change the user payroll entity so they are paid from a different payroll account.

What is a payroll entity

A payroll entity is where a user is paid from.  Think of a payroll entity as a payroll application.  A user might work across multiple sites and payroll entities within an organisation, but they are paid from one payroll entity.

Why is this important

When a new user is created for the first time, if they are assigned to a role during the new user process, their payroll entity will be automatically assigned based on the role you have assigned (e.g. where the role is located).  If you assign a user to multiple roles across multiple payroll entities, the system will assign the first payroll entity in the list.  Therefore it might need to be updated if it is not correct.  

How to assign a payroll entity to a user

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Users

3. Click the User

4. Click the Payroll tab

5. Click Edit next to Home payroll entity

7. Select the payroll entity and click Save

The payroll entity will be updated for the user for the current period forward.  If there are unfinalised payroll periods in the past, you can backdate this as required. 

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