Payroll | Finalising a Payroll Period + Exporting a Pay Run*

This article includes the following topics:

  • Address payroll warnings
  • Finalise and lock the payroll period
  • Export the pay run data file to process in your payroll application
  • Locking the Payroll Period


Important Notes:

  • Once all time sheets in a payroll entity have been finalised, payroll can be processed. 
  • At the time of finalising the time sheets easyemployer will give a summary about the time sheet.
  • Some of these errors can be removed at the time of finalising the time sheet and the rest can be done in Payroll process.


Addressing Payroll Warnings

1. Once the payroll report has been open, Payroll Warnings will be displayed to bring your attention to important matters that need addressing

2. A Payroll Warnings indicator at the top of the report will display how many warnings need to be addressed (warnings need to be addressed to finalise the payroll period) as shown in the following picture:



3. Scroll through the payroll report and warnings will be indicated in red or purple (for leave warnings) as shown in the following pictures:




4. "Click here" to action the warning or "hide" to hide the warning.

5. Once all warnings have been hidden, you can Finalise and Lock the Payroll Period.


Finalise the Payroll Period

1. Once all warnings have been addressed on the Payroll Report, the  Finalise Payroll Period option will be displayed as shown in the following picture at the top of the payroll report.


2. Click the "Finalise payroll period" link.


3. A confirmation dialogue will be displayed as shown in the following picture:


4. Click "Yes".

5. The "Export for payroll processing" link will now be displayed as shown in the following picture:



Exporting Pay run data File 

  • Download users export file for payroll application will download a file with the information of the specific payroll period.
  • Export to PDF will show the payroll information in PDF file that can be viewed or can be downloaded.


1. Click the link to "export for payroll processing" will download the required file to your computer for upload/import into your payroll application.

  • If using an online payroll application (e.g. Payroll Guru, Xero) you may be prompted to update any missing employee payroll information to complete export. For further information in regards to exporting for your payroll application please refer to the payroll application specific instructions.

2. You can now follow the import guide relating to your payroll application.


Locking the Payroll Period

Once you have completed your pay run you can then Lock the payroll period within easyemployer to ensure that no changes can be made to the period and preserve historical data.

  • Once you have locked the payroll period this can't be undone.


1. Open the payroll report for the exported and completed pay run.

2. Review the report to ensure all of the information within easyemployer matches the pay run completed.

3. Press on the "Lock Payroll Period" button.



4. You will receive a warning to notify you that this action cannot be undone. Select "Yes".



5. The payroll period will then be locked and you will be unable to make any changes to the period.



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