Payroll - bonus hourly rate

This guide contains the following topics:

  • What is a bonus rate
  • How to assign a bonus rate

What is a bonus rate

Assigning a bonus to a user allows you to increase their base hourly rate, but keep them on the relevant position and hourly rate.  For example, John might be assigned to a level 1, 18+ rate.  You can now leave him assigned to that award rate, and increase his base rate by using a bonus amount.  All the penalties will now be calculated based on the award rate + bonus amount. 

Why is this important

Depending on the circumstances some organisations may choose to adjust the pay rate of some users using this feature.

How to assign a bonus amount

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Users

3. Select the User you wish to edit

4. Open their payroll settings

5. Click Change next to a user's Award Pay Group

6. In the Bonus Hourly Rate field, add in the relevant amount and click Submit.


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