Payroll - placeholder rates

This guide contains the following topics:

  • What are placeholder rates
  • How to assign placeholder rates to a user
  • How to edit or delete a users placeholder rates
  • Example of placeholder rates in action

What are placeholder rates

Placeholder rates allow you to override a users rates for specific payroll categories. Not all payroll applications accept overridden rates.

Note: a users pay conditions (pay group) cannot be changed in a finalised payroll period. The period needs to be unfinalised to make changes. 

Why is this important

This article details how to override a users pay rate in specific situations.

How to assign placeholder rates to a user

1. Open a users profile

2. Click Payroll

3. Click Change next to award pay group (this can also be done on the payroll report in an unfinalised payroll period)

4. Select the award, position, pay group (specific pay groups are required for placeholder rates to be defined to interpretation periods e.g. Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday - these are normally indicated by Placeholder in the name)

5. At the bottom of the Select award pay group dialogue, expand the User placeholder rates section


6. Under New user placeholder rate select:

  • The placeholder
  • Assign the multiplier or hourly rate
  • Click Add


7. Repeat step 6 above for all the placeholder rates you would like to override.  



How to edit or delete a users placeholder rates

1. Follow the steps above to display the users placeholder rates screen

2. Click Edit or Delete under actions


Example of placeholder rates in action

In the following example, we have assigned the placeholder rates as defined in step 7 above



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