Payroll - setting a users export code

This article contains the following topic:

  • How to add or update a users export code
  • Payroll report warning

What is the user export code

The export code is used to link to external systems, like your payroll system. For example, the export code links to the employees CARD ID in MYOB.

This is not required for API payroll integration like MYOB AccountRight live and Xero. 

Why is this important

Incorrect export codes will prevent users with non-matching codes from being exported to the payroll solution. 

How to add or update a users export code

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Users

3. Click the user

4. Click Payroll

6. Enter the export code and save

Payroll report warning

The payroll report will display a warning if the user does not have an export code, and provides a link to set the code. 

"This user's hours will not be exported as they do not have an export code set. Click to add an export code for this user."

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