Ability - renewing an ability

This article includes the following topics:

  • Renewing an ability through to do
  • Renewing ability through user ability page

What is an ability

An ability is a certain qualification or skill that a user may require to perform their role or rostered shift.

Why does this need to be renewed

Some abilities may expire. Certain qualifications or certifications have an expiry date attached to ensure people keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

How to renew an ability through to do

When the users ability expires, or nears expiry (based on the abilities reminder setting), it can be renewed through the to do item, or through the users ability page

1. Open the home page

2. Click to expand the ability expiring to do

3. The ability will be displayed:

4. Choose a following option:

  • Renew - renew the ability and set a new expiry date
  • Ignore - ignore the ability if it is not being renewed


Renewing ability through user ability page

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Users

3. Select the user

4. Click Abilities

5. The users abilities page will be displayed:

  • Click the options menu and click Renew
  • Enter the new date and click Renew


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