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  • Expired ability indications

What are expired ability indications

The roster interface indicates if an ability has expired, alerting you to the fact that the employee may not be suitable to work a particular shift.

Why is this important

Some abilities or qualifications are a requirement to perform certain tasks or workplace duties. Tracking these abilities can help to prevent inappropriate staff from being rostered to fulfil these shifts.

How to identify expired ability indications        
1. The suitability ranker will show a  over the information icon  in the manage shift dialog if an ability has expired:

2. Hovering over the information icon will show the users information and the red indicates which ability has expired

3. Hovering over the red ability will show the ability name and when it expired

4. Abilities are also visible on the roster underneath a users name (this is controlled using the display toggles). 

5. Hovering over the red ability will show the ability name and when it expired.


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