Leave - approving / declining a leave request

This article includes the following topics:

  • How a manager is notified of a leave request
  • Approving or declining a leave request.

What is a leave request

A leave request is required by most organisations for any form of planned leave or time away from work. A leave request contains important information regarding the time away and is sent to an individual within the organisation for approval.

Please note that in order to approve leave requests (including receiving the email notification), the user's permission set must be set to either Administrator, Payroll Admin or Owner. By default the Manager permission set does not allow users to approve leave requests.

Why is this important

Users can submit a leave request in easyemployer however leave requests need to be approved by an appropriate person in the organisation. In some cases organisations may wish to review which users possess the appropriate permissions to approve leave. 

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Creating a leave request for a user

1. Employees can submit leave requests online.  

2. Managers will be notified of these requests by email and through the online system.  

3. The manager can then review the request, see who else has taken that time off and approve or decline the request. 

Notification of leave request

There are two ways you will be notified of a leave request:

Email Notification

Clicking on the link in the email will take you to the leave request online.


To-do notification 

Click the to-do item to expand and show the users that have submitted a leave request. Click View to open the request



Approving or declining a leave request

1. Each of the actions above will display a dialogue with information of the leave request


2. Entitlement balances will be displayed on the right hand side of the dialogue (if your organisation is using the entitlement system)
3. To review who else is on leave or unavailable during the period, click on view shifts and availabilities for this period in the leave requests above.  The following screen is displayed:


4. In the example above, you can see there are no other employees on leave but Kelly Thompson is unavailable (indicated by the colours).  

5. If the request is for more than one day, scroll through the days of the request by clicking Next Day & Previous Day

6. To approve or decline the request, enter a comment and click Approve or Decline


7. The employee will receive notification of your decision.


***NOTE*** - if you are creating a leave request and the estimated hours are "0" then this means your standard daily hours have not been set in easyemployer. Please ask your employer to set these. If you have standard daily hours set then the "0" balance may be caused by the leave shift being generated while an actual shift was already present. This would mean the standard daily hours are satisfied by the actual shift and the leave shift did not need to satisfy any of the standard daily hours.  There is an easier way to get the leave in for this situation. Click 'Manage' on an automatically generated shift. You will have the option to 'Convert to leave' which will ensure that an issue like this does not occur in the future. Alternatively, the actual shift would need to be deleted before the leave shift is created.


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