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What is the electronic calendar

An electronic calendar is available from different providers and it is an electronic version of a calendar. Usually, such software provides an appointment book and contact list.

Leave can be exported to an electronic calendar. Once subscribed to the leave system, your calendar application will pull updated information. Therefore this process only needs to be done once, not each time leave requests are submitted/updated. Great for displaying leave requests in a yearly view that most calendar applications show. Examples of electronic calendars are; Google Calendar, Sunbird, Mac Calendar and any smartphone.

Depending on your organisation configuration you may or may not have access to this feature. If in doubt, please contact your system administrator.  

Once linked the calendar changes will be updated automatically when your calendar syncs.


Refresh interval: It is the responsibility of the calendar application to pull new data from easyemployer. In some calendar applications you can control the interval it updates, or you can perform a refresh or send and receive to pull new data to your calendar from easyemployer.

Display: easyemployer cannot control how the entries are displayed in the application. 

Obtaining the electronic calendar URL

1. Open your easyemployer account

2. Click the Leave tab

3. Click Leave for groups under Export leave to calendar

4. Select the groups that you want the leave to be exported for (e.g. you could have separate leave calendars for different sites if you manage more than one) and the date range in which you wish to export.

5. Copy the URL and follow the guides below to add it to your device


Apple calendar

Google calendar


iPhone or iPad

The easiest way to subscribe to the calendar through your iPhone or iPad, is to email yourself the link, or access easyemployer directly through your device and click on the link.  Your device will recognise this as a calendar and ask you to subscribe. 

Once you have subscribed, you can then rename the calendar to the desired name. To do this:

1. Click Settings

2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Click Subcribed Calendars

4. Edit the description to the correct name, e.g. City Pharmacy Leave


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