Leave - limit employees submitting leave requests with negative balance

This guide contains the following topics:

  • How does this feature work
  • How to configure the rule

How does this feature work

When an employee submits a leave request, the system will estimate the entitlement balance for the leave type selected up until the end of the payroll period of the last day of the leave request. This allows the employee to see if they will have enough balance at that point. You can stop employees submitting a leave request if they do not have enough balance by setting the rule. 

Why is this important

This rule can prevent employees from taking leave without the correct entitlement balance for that leave type.

When would this feature be used

This is dependent on the organisation's policies and procedures regarding leave. This feature could be used when an employee has reached or exceeded their leave allowance for the year. Alternatively this feature could be used as a way to prevent staff from applying for leave without discussing it with a manager.

How to configure this rule

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Organisation

3. Click Rules

4. Under General Rules there will be an 'Allow employee leave requests with a negative balance" rule

5. Click the Edit, allow/disable the rule then click Save


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