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This guide contains the following information:

  • What is the flexible leave feature
  • When would you use this feature
  • Why would you use this feature
  • How do you create flexible leave
  • How do you export flexible leave

Note: The leave processing module must be enabled to use this feature - please contact easyemployer support to have this enabled

What is the flexible leave feature

The flexible leave system has been designed to provide flexibility with the processing and exporting of leave to certain payroll applications. This allows leave to be submitted and approved for any time in the past or future as well as allowing leave shifts to be exported to the payroll application at any time.

When would this feature be used

This feature could be used when creating, approving, processing and exporting leave to an external payroll application for payroll processing.

Why use this feature

This feature is important for office environments with mostly salaried staff. These environments typically have monthly payrolls which are processed mid month for the 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks forward.

With this feature, leave can be exported to the payroll application to pay leave and adjust leave balances on an ad-hoc basis.

This flexibility is important as staff could forget to put leave in on time (i.e. sick leave) or leave could be submitted in the last two weeks of the month. Either situation requires leave to be exported later than the period it may have been taken. This feature gives this required flexibility.

Note: this feature has only been implemented for the following payroll applications:

  1. Attache
  2. MYOB Accounting Plus
  3. MYOB Premier
  4. MYOB Premier Enterprise
  5. MYOB AccountRight Plus
  6. MYOB AccountRight Premier


How to submit flexible leave

1. Navigate to the Leave page by pressing on the Leave option in the top navigation bar.

2. Select the Create Leave Request For Me option.

3. Enter the details of your leave request, ensuring that the Flexible Leave option is checked.

4. Input additional details.

5. Provide a comment explaining your reason for leave (if necessary).

6. Review the request and press Finish.


How is flexible leave exported

1. As a manager, navigate to the Reports tab.

2. Select Leave Processing Report.

3. The leave requests for that month will be displayed.

4. Before processing leave, ensure that the appropriate leave types are up to date and checked. This can be found on the far right side of the form.


5. To process the leave requests, press the Process Leave button on the top right hand corner of the report.

6. A dialog will appear to confirm if this data should be exported and processed. Select Process & export leave to process, or Cancel to exit.

7. A file will download containing the details to be imported in to your payroll application.


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