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  • How to set up leave approvals

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What is leave approval

After a leave request has been submitted someone in the organisation will need to approve it. This guide details how to assign a user to approve leave requests.

Why is this important

If no one in the organisation has the permission set required to approve leave then the leave requests will be sent to the Owner of the organisation. 

Please note: In order to approve leave requests (including receiving the email notification), the user's permission set must be set to either Administrator, Payroll Admin or Owner. Manager permission sets by default do not allow for the approving of leave requests.

How to set up leave approvals

1. Open the Organisation Structure


2. The structure can be made up of the following: 

  • Payroll entity
  • Container
  • Site 
  • Area 
  • Role

Please see the Organisation Structure guide for further information.

3. The organisation structure operates as a hierarchy, where users with an Area-level permission, have a higher permission than users with a Role-level permission, as they have the permission over all roles located under the area.

When setting the Leave approval levels, the user at the lowest level of the organisation structure for all groups that the employees fall under will receive notifications regarding those leave requests.

For example:

  • There is an Administrator in the area Floor called "Joe Bloggs", Joe also works in the same area as a Stock Controller.
  • There is also an Administrator for the site Sydney called "Jane Doe"
  • Lastly, there is an employee who works as an Assistant called "John Smith"

If John applied for Leave, Joe would receive his leave request. If Joe was to apply for leave, Jane would receive his leave request, and so on.

4. To add a user to a leave approval level, press on the heading for the group level, then select Users from the left navigation bar


5. Select Add User(s) to Group,


6. Add users and press Update


6. The users will appear in the group with Employee level Group permissions.

  • As previously mentioned,in order to approve leave requests, the user's permission set must be set to either Administrator, Payroll Admin or Owner.

7. Press on the group permission


8. Select an appropriate level of permission and Update


9. In the example illustrated, Jake Barrell will receive leave requests for employees who work in the Dispensary (Area) in Sydney (site) given that there aren't any users with the appropriate permission level lower down in the organisation structure (i.e. for the Role Pharmacist).



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