Entitlement balance - manual adjustment

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  • How to update employees entitlement balance

What is an entitlement balance

Entitlement balance refers to the types of leave employees accrue as part of their employment contract. Examples of this include; Annual leave and Personal leave.

Why is this important

Entitlement balances can be manually adjusted inside of easyemployer instead of using an entitlement export from your payroll application.

NOTE: If using Payroll Guru, entitlement balances are automatically synced back into easyemployer after the pay run is completed in Payroll Guru (this includes any leave payouts done inside of Payroll Guru). Because easyemployer is the master database, whatever the balance is in easyemployer will update the balance in Payroll Guru during the next pay run.

How to update employees entitlement balance

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Users

3. Click the Specific User (I clicked Anadale Smith)

4. Click Leave

5. Click Edit next to the entitlement balance to be updated

6. Set the following values:

  • Adjustment date: if the adjustment should be processed in a particular payroll period, it is recommended to put the date of the first day of the payroll period
  • Adjustment amount: a negative or positive value to decrease or increase the balance
  • Description: why this adjustment is being made, this is tracked in the audit log

7. Click Submit

8. You have now successfully updated a users Entitlement balance


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