Timesheet and roster - adding or updating unit allowances

**Permissions control which users can add unit allowances into 'My timesheet' or 'Timesheet'.  By default, this is a user with owner or payroll admin permission.  See the permission and function guide here.   If you would like other permission sets to be able to add unit allowances, your internal easyemployer organisation owner can contact support@easyemployer.com.**


This guide contains the following information:

  • What is a unit allowance
  • How to add or update a unit allowance in a timesheet shift
  • How to roster a unit allowance


What is a unit allowance

Allowances are elements of wages that are in addition to normal wages. A unit allowance is similar to a regular allowance, although is paid on a per-unit basis.


Why is this important

An employee may be paid an allowance based on the number of kilometers that they drive using their car.


How to apply a unit allowance to a timesheet shift

Note: To apply a unit allowance it must first be configured within your account. Please contact support@easyemployer.com to have new allowances added.

1. Select Timesheet from the top navigation bar and open a timesheet.


2. Select the timesheet period you would like to open.


3. Select and edit the shift that you would like to add the allowance to. 


4. Select the "Add unit allowance" button.


5. Select the type of allowance you would like to apply from the drop-down menu.


6. Input the quantity, or number of units to apply the allowance for, and add the shift.


7. The shift will now show with a green (A) to represent that an allowance is being applied to the shift.


8. The allowance will now appear on the payroll report for that user.



How to roster a unit allowance

Note: To roster a unit allowance it must first be configured within your account. Please contact support@easyemployer.com to have new allowances added.

When the unit allowance is added to a rostered shift; it will automatically carry across to the timesheet for finalisation.

1. Open the roster and edit/create a roster shift.


2. Select "Add unit allowance". The unit allowance dialog will appear. 


3. Input the details and add the allowance. Create the shift/save the shift when ready.


4. An 'A' will appear on the shift in a green circle to represent that there is an allowance present


There are some important considerations when interpreting this addition:

  • Cannot be defined on a roster template.
  • Cannot be defined on a common shift.
  • Cannot be defined against an unassigned shift.


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