Probation reminder

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  • How to add a probation date to a user
  • Probation reminder examples

What is this feature

This feature will notify users when an employee is nearing the end of their probationary period. This notification will only be sent to users with the appropriate permissions assigned.  

When would this feature be used

This feature would be used when creating a new employee in easyemployer who is on probation.

Why would this feature be used

This can be useful if the user's pay conditions are set to change upon finishing their probation.

How to add a probation date to a user

1. To add probation to a user

2. Go to Organisation

3. Users

4. Click on the Specific User who you want on probation and navigate to Settings

5. It will display the following 

6. Click on the calendar to set the Probation End Date


Probation reminder

1. Once Probation is about to end, the system will give a notification so that if there is an adjustment required in the pay rate of the user, it should be done

2. Following warning is shown 

3. Another warning is displayed for the pay change and is shown as under

4. Click on the down arrow key at the end of the to do item

5. It will give more information about the pay change as shown under 

6. Click on Edit Pay to Change the pay otherwise click Ignore and the warning will disappear


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