System overview - what is easyemployer

What is easyemployer

easyemployer is a workforce management tool that can be accessed on any internet enabled device with a modern browser.  

The full easyemployer solution provides the following (noting that your business might not be using all features of the system):

  • Centralised employee information: Staff availability, leave entitlements, contact details etc all in one spot means you'll always have up to date staff details.
  • Easy rostering: Intelligent roster creation, based on staff availability and business needs with email/SMS shift notification, means you’ll have the right staff in the right place at the right times. "On the fly"  wage forecasting means minimising budget blow outs and increasing labour cost efficiency.
  • 100% accurate time-tracking: Secure biometric or pin code clocking means full visibility of your workforce and accurate work times. "Discrepancy" alerting makes timesheet finalisation a breeze.
  • Instant award rate application: Automatic wage calculation and industry award application means complete payroll accuracy.
  • Payroll integration: Instant data transfer to your preferred payroll solution means no human error and payroll completed in minutes.
  • Powerful reporting: Business metric reporting means increased visibility and control; and the information to make better business decisions.

For more information, see the easyemployer website.


Advantages to managers

  • Easily manager employee availability - no more lost pieces of paper
  • Wage forecasting on rosters - includes allowances, penalty rates etc. Keep to a budget
  • Automatic rostering based on a suitability algorithm prioritising the most suitable staff first
  • Get employees involved in shift swapping, finding replacements for shifts they cannot do - but you can have the final say of course
  • Leave requests all in one place
  • Entitlement balances - no more negative entitlement balances!  Only pay what the employee has accrued to date
  • No more paper timesheets - these will be generated automatically through recording of shifts
  • Get reminders for certifications / registrations that might need to be renewed
  • Automatic calculation of wages


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