Notices - how to use the notice system as a manager

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  • How to send a notice

What are notices

The notice system is an internal email system for easyemployer. This system has the capability to send notices externally as a text message or an email.

Why is this important

Understanding how to use notices will enable users to find important information regarding their own leave, availability and rostered shifts. 

How to send a notice

1. Click on Notices tab in the top navigation bar


2. You will be taken to your notices Inbox


3. Click on the New button to Create a New Notice


4. Click on the To button to select who you would like to send a notice to


  • In the dialog you can choose specific users or groups to send a notice to.


  • If selecting a specific user(s), the dialog will also allow you to refine the employees displayed on the list by employment status (for example inactive or terminated).


5. Click off of the drop down screen to close the dialog

6. Enter the Subject and Body of the notice

7. Choose method of communication. Note that the communication would be send through notices by default and you can not uncheck that option


8. Click Send notice and notices will be sent to the selected user(s) or Groups

9. Archived messages can be seen in the Archive Folder that can be accessed by clicking on the drop-down tab


10. Sent messages can be seen in Sent Folder


11. Drafts can be seen in Drafts Folder


12. The Notices can be filtered by clicking the 'Filter' drop-down tab. You can toggle what type of notices are displayed, as well as set a default view.



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