Notice - filters

This guide contains the following information:

  • What are the notice filters
  • When would you use the notice filters
  • How to use the notice filters

What are the notice filters

The notice filters allow you to display notices by type. This includes Read notices, Unread notices, Unread leave request or System messages.

Why is this important

The notice filters allow users to scope the information to reduce the notices list and find or hide a particular notice type.

How to use the notice filter

1. Select 'notices' from the top navigation bar

2. Clicking on the 'notices' section in the navigation bar will display the default landing page for notices

3. The notice filters can be found under the 'Filter' section. The default selection will be to show the Unread notices.

3. The filters can be changed by checking or un-checking the boxes next to their corresponding 

4. You can save your selection to open as the default by pressing on the 'Save selection as default'


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