The Client Functionality - Managing your roster

This article includes the following topics:

  • How to create a rostered shift linked to a client
  • How to view the roster grouped by client

What is the Client Functionality

The client functionality gives us the ability to link a user that has a rostered shift; against a client that the business charges.

This allows us to roster to a client requirements; including building templates that meet reoccurring client requirements (e.g. client requires ‘service X’ for 2 hours every Monday).

There is an export code for cost centre reporting; so you can see the cost of wages for a client. This assists in the process of building a profit and loss statement to compare costs of wages against billable amount for a client.

How to create a rostered shift linked to a client

1. Click on Rosters


2. Click on Create new roster


3. Click on Create


4. Create a rostered shift (e.g. click on a square, drag a common shift, etc.)

5. Click the Client drop down. Here we can select the client to link the rostered shift to



How to view the roster grouped by client

Prerequisite: Have an existing roster already opened.

1. Click on "Client" in the top right hand corner (please note the name 'client' can be customised to suit your organisational requirements


2. Our 'clients' are grouped on the right hand side



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