Web Based Time Clock - generate and use URL

This article includes the following topics:

  • Requirements to run the time clock 
  • How to obtain a time clock URL
  • Running a time clock on a device
  • Creating a Time Clock shortcut for your device


What is a "pin based" time clock.

A pin based time clock is typically used to enable staff from an organisation to indicate that they are starting or ending a shift by using a pin number to authenticate the user. Pin based time clocks also display additional information that organisations may find helpful, such as employee scheduled start times and displaying whether or not employees are late for a shift.


Why would I use this?

The time clock feature is used by many organisations as their preferred clocking option. In certain circumstances, an organisation may require additional time clocks for new sites or work areas.


Requirements to run the time clock.

See Web-Based Time Clock - requirements to run.


How to obtain a time clock URL.

The time clock can be created for the whole organisation or for only a specific group (e.g. site, area).  Once the time clock has been created, it will provide you with a unique link which can only be used on one device.  

Once the time clock has been used on a device it is locked to that device only (this is a security measure to prevent the ability for staff or other users to run the time clock from any other device).  

You can easily revert access to that device if it no longer requires access to the time clock.  There are no limits to how many time clocks can be created for an organisation.


1. Click Organisation.



2. Click Time Clocks.



3. Click Create a new time clock.



4. Enter the name of the time clock and assign a password (used for initial authentication on device, must meet minimum password complexity requirements) then click create.



5. The next screen will allow you to select the required groups for the pin based time clock. Once you have made your selection click save.



6. The next dialogue will allow you to set some time clock settings:


  • Allow clocking of shifts - you can disable clocking of shifts if you would like to use this time clock as a dashboard only
  • Allow clocking of breaks - enable or disable clocking of breaks
  • Allow PIN logins - allow staff to login using a pin code
  • Display rostered and clocked times - displays rostered times on the user icon if the user has been rostered
  • Display site names - displays the site name in the user cell
  • Display are names - displays the area name in the user cell


7. The next screen will present you with a URL that will be used to browse to the time clock through an electronic devices browser.  



Running the time clock on a device.

1. Enter the URL into the browser on the device you would like to run it on and click enter.

2. Enter the password.

3. The Time Clock will now be displayed.




4. The time clock has now been created.  See Using the time clock for instructions on how to use the time clock.


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