Setting users pin codes

This article includes the following topics:

  • What is the pin code used for
  • How to set a users pin code

What is the pin code used for

The time clock requires a pin code to authorise access to a user account.

Why is this important

The pin code allows users to easily log into the mobile app, clock via the mobile app (if allowed) and also clock via time clocks (if allowed). This pin can only be set by a manager before online access has been granted. Once online access has been granted the pin will be reset and the user will need to set their own pin code when they log in for the first time.

How to set a users pin code

1. Log in to your easyemployer online account


2. Click on Organisation


3. Click Users


4. Click the user you wish to add a PIN code to (I clicked Joe Bloggs)


5. There is a Pin  field. Click the Pencil icon to add/edit the PIN code. The PIN code can only be numbers and must be at least 4 digits.


6. Once the pin code has been entered, click the Save icon.


The user can now use the time clock by entering their pin.


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