Setting users pin codes

This article includes the following topics:

  • What is the pin code used for
  • How to set a users pin code

What is the pin code used for

The time clock requires a pin code to authorise access to a user account.

Why is this important

The pin code allows users to clock using a pin and can help to access the easyemployer app quickly.

How to set a users pin code

1. Log in to your easyemployer online account


2. Click on Organisation


3. Click Users


4. Click the user you wish to add a PIN code to (I clicked Joe Bloggs)


5. There is a Pin  field. Click the Pencil icon to add/edit the PIN code. The PIN code can only be numbers and must be at least 4 digits.


6. Once the pin code has been entered, click the Save icon.


The user can now use the time clock by entering their pin.


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