Time clock - notices

This guide contains the following topics:

  • Updates to the notice system
  • Viewing notices on the time clock

Why would this feature be used

This feature could be used to send notices to staff who are on-shift, as an additional method of accessing new notices or as a method of ensuring that important notices are read.

When would this feature be used

This feature is accessed through the time clock and would therefore be used when on-shift or on-site 

Updates to the Notice System

When sending notices through easyemployer, a notice has always been send to the user's easyemployer inbox. Now employee can view notices on their time clock as well as in their inbox. When the employee clocks in, they will see they have unread notices, and can view up to 2 weeks of existing notices.

How to viewing Notices on the Time Clock

When a user logs onto the time clock dashboard, they will see an indication if any unread notices exist.


Clicking the button, will cause a list of notices to be displayed.

Clicking on the notice will show the notice details

If a user logs out without reading their notice, they are reminded to view it: 


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