Web Based Time Clock - Troubleshooting Instructions

This article includes the following topics:

  • User not showing on the time clock
  • Resetting the time clock 
  • "Please enter password and the key for this time clock is no longer valid" error
  • Different time showing on time clock compared to device it is running on



User not showing on time clock.

If a user does not show on the time clock, the first thing to check is that the roles that the user(s) are part of is selected in the group scope for the time clock. You can easily see this by clicking the All roles drop down in the time clock itself (top right-hand corner) and making sure the required role/s are showing. 


If the role is not showing, you need to edit the time clock groups through easyemployer time clock settings, see Pin-Based Time Clock - generate and use URL. Once this has been updated, refresh the browser and check again.


How to Reset the time clock. 

Each time clock is authorised to work on one device only. If you want to disable access to a time clock on a specific device, or move it to another device, you can reset the time clock to reauthorise on a different device.

1. Click Organisation.


2. Click Time Clocks.


3. Click on reset time cog 2016-10-24_10h32_20.png next to the time clock you want to re-authorise. Select 'Reset lock'.



4. Click on the cog  2016-10-24_10h32_20.png and select 'Get link' to get the time clock URL.



5. Copy the link and paste in the browser on which you want to use the time clock and press Enter.



6. Enter the password for the time clock (If the password has been forgotten reset the password by clicking on the cog and selecting 'Reset password')



7. The time clock is now authorised to work on the new device.


Time clock is no longer valid.

If the following message is displayed 'Please enter password and the key for this time clock is no longer valid' then enter a password on the same internet browser and computer that the time clock has always been run on. It generally means that the authorisation cookie has been deleted (possibly caused by a cookie cleaning application like cc cleaner etc).

To fix this issue:

  • Ensure that you have cookies enabled within your browser.
  • Follow the Resetting the time clock instructions above to reauthorise the computer or create a new time clock by following the Pin-Based Time Clock - generate and use URL guide.
  • After resetting the time clock, try using the link in a different browser that is supported.


Different time showing on time clock compared to device it is running on


If the time on the time clock display is different to the device it is running on, this is likely caused by incorrect time zone or daylight savings settings on the device.

You will need to check to ensure the time zone and daylight savings functionality is correct set on your device.  To find instructions for your specific device, you will need to search for instructions on a search engine like Google.  


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