Web Based Time Clock | Troubleshooting Instructions

1) Ensure browser is up-to-date
2) Ensure time clock is configured appropriately
      i) Individual user shows on time clock but not able to authenticate using pin
      ii) Individual user not showing on time clock
      iii) Time clock time mis-alignment
3) Ensure the time clock URL is correct
      i) Time clock is "no longer valid" error
4) Reporting issues to easyemployer
      i) What happens if I need further assistance



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1) Ensure browser is up-to-date.

The easyemployer time clock is a web-based application that runs in a web browser.

The local performance of the computer device running the web browser needs to be commensurate with existing applications running on the device (e.g. Antivirus) and the expected workloads of the browser (e.g. multiple tabs).

easyemployer broadly recommends a modern computer system that meets (or exceeds) the below:

  • A minimum monitor resolution of 1024x768.
  • 4 gigabytes (GB) of RAM.
  • A modern Intel or AMD Multicore CPU that has been released in the past 7 years.
    • Refer to your chipset manufacturer for further details.




2) Ensure time clock is configured appropriately.

i) Individual user shows on time clock but not able to authenticate using pin.

If a user is showing on the time clock but is unable to authenticate using their pin number, this could be caused by one of two reasons.

  • The user has not set a pin themselves or is entering an incorrect pin number (set a pin code).
  • The user is not configured to permit pin number as an authentication method (enable user clocking options).

Please refer to the "related articles section" for further information on how to address these issues. 


ii) Individual user not showing on time clock.

If a user does not show on the time clock, you need to check is that the roles that the user is a part of is selected in the group scope for the time clock. You can easily see this by clicking the All roles drop down in the time clock itself (top right-hand corner) and making sure the required role/s are showing.


If the role is not showing, you need to edit the time clock groups through easyemployer time clock URL configuration, see the "related articles section" for information on configuring a time clock URL. Once the configuration has been updated, refresh the browser page and check the new configuration reflects as described above.


iii) Time clock time mis-alignment.

The web based time clock uses the devices local time to register the actual times for interactions with the time clock. In the event your local device's system time is not correct (e.g. not synced with an NTP service) this can cause "mis-alignment" with regards to times recorded for interactions on the time clock.

  • Consider limiting the local user account from editing the local device's system time. This can typically be achieved via local-level group policy editor for Windows based operating systems. For other operating systems, refer to the operating systems documentation.
  • Consider using a 3rd party NTP tool, for more frequent "syncing" of the local device's system time.



3) Ensure the time clock URL is correct.

i) Time clock is "no longer valid" error.

If the following message is displayed 'Please enter password and the key for this time clock is no longer valid' - It generally means that the authorisation cookie has been deleted (possibly caused by a cookie cleaning application).

Please see the "related articles section" for full information on setup of a time clock URL, which contains instructions for resetting a time clock URL. Generally speaking the steps are:

  • Reset the lock
  • Reset the password (to something known at the time of setup)
  • Get the time clock link and reapply this to the browser on the "installation device"



4) Reporting issues to easyemployer.

Copy and paste this pro-forma into your contact with easyemployer support to ensure all steps have been completed:

User Based Issues:

Name of User With Web Based Time Clock Issue: Y/N

Checked Role is Configured to Time Clock URL: Y/N

Checked User Has Reset PIN and Entering Correctly: Y/N

Checked User Configuration Allows PIN Authentication: Y/N


Time Clock URL Based Issues:

Browser is Up-To-Date: Y/N

Time clock URL is correct: Y/N

Time Clock URL is Authenticated Against Installation Device: Y/N

Screenshots of the issue attached: Y/N


ii) What happens if I need further assistance.

NOTE: As the Web based "installation" is considered a Do-It-Yourself type installation, easyemployer support desk is unable to provide remote assistance to address configuration / installation issues on your behalf / device. For further information please see the "related articles section" for further information regarding the scope of support of the easyemployer support desk.


The easyemployer support desk, may, at it's discretion (and on a case-by-case basis) offer a support session via screen sharing to provide extended support in the event we are unable to assist via normal communication mediums.

In the event that during this screen sharing session, the easyemployer support desk discover that the above steps were not followed (and had they been followed, the issue would have ordinarily been resolved by the client) then the screen sharing session may be considered as billable time (billed in 15 minute increments). 



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