Web Based Time Clock - requirements to run

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Requirements to run the web-based time clock.

A modern computer system with a minimum monitor resolution of 1024x768 and minimum 10" screen size that is configured with a user account that staff who need to use easyemployer's time & attendance functions can access.  

The time clock runs best with a modern web browser like Google Chrome:

  • The web based timeclock may run on portable Android and iOS devices, however, easyemployer does not support these installations.
  • Internet Explorer cannot be used

Browser-cookie removing software cannot be running on the computer otherwise the time clock will be unauthorised and cannot be used.

  • Ad blocking/cookie blocking extensions or software cannot be running on the computer/browser
  • Removing browser history/cookies will remove the browser authorisation cookie, therefore, de-authorising the time clock in that browser and can longer be used unless it is reauthorised.

The time clock requires a persistent internet connection to work.  

The specific networking requirements are: 

Minimum 1Mb/s down, 0.5Mb/s up 


Protocol Source Port Destination IP Destination Port Action
DNS TCP Any Any 53 Allow
DNS UDP Any Any 53 Allow
HTTP TCP Any Any 443 Allow
HTTPS TCP Any Any 443 Allow


If your internet connection is intermittent and not reliable, our All In One (AIO) clocking station is the preferred clocking method as it will cache a limited amount of data in the event of an intermittent connection.  

  • Contact support@easyemployer.com for ordering information.


What are browser cookies.

The time clock uses a simple text file called a cookie which sits on your computer.  These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information.  This cookie is used to lock the time clock to a specific computer.



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