Payroll Guru - adding allowances to a user and pay run

This article includes the following topics:

  • Adding an allowance to a user
  • Adding an allowance to a pay run

What is this function

This feature allows users to add additional allowance to a pay run for an employee.

Why is this important

On occasion this functionality may be necessary should an employee be entitled to an allowance that may not have been entered into the easyemployer allowance system. 

How to add an allowance to a user

1. Open Payroll Guru

2. Choose your Company if you have access to more than one

3. Click Employees ->  List Employees

4. Click the Employee

5. Click Edit next to Rates of pay and allowances

6. Scroll to the bottom to the section Add New Pay Rate or Allowance

7. Under To add a new allowance

  • Allowance type: Select the allowance type, e.g. Travel allowance
  • Amount: select the amount, e.g. $0.75 per unit (e.g. a unit can be a kilometre)
  • Default per pay period: set a default to have an amount automatically added each pay run
  • Comment: add a comment to identify this allowance, good for multiple allowances.
8. Click Add Allowance

How to Add an allowance to a pay run

1. Login to Payroll Guru

2. Open pay run or create a new pay run (Payrun -> In progress or new pay run)

3. Click the Employee

4. Click Edit next to any rate  

5. Find the allowance and enter the quantity, e.g. 20 units for 20 kilometre 


6. Click Edit Paysip

7. The allowance will now be added to the users payslip


8. Complete the pay run as normal.


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