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Wage payments

  • Can I easily pay my staff via my online bank account?
    • Yes – with a single click Payroll Guru provides you with an ABA file which you can upload to any online banking system to pay your staff via EFT easily.
  • Can I import payroll totals into MYOB for my accounts?
    • Yes – PG will provide you with an MYOB journal file which you can easily import into MYOB for your accounting records.
  • Can I pay into separate bank accounts for employees?
    • Yes – this can be set up as a ‘recurring’ amount to additional accounts or changed / added for each employee with each pay run.
  • Are employees sent their pay slips automatically?
    • Yes – PG will automatically email pay slips to employees after the pay run has been processed.

Employee & information management

  • When using Payroll Guru with easyemployer, do I have to maintain two databases of employee information?
    • No. easyemployer seamlessly and automatically integrates with Payroll Guru. This means you only maintain one database of information in easyemployer (employee information, bank details, super funds, pay rates, multipliers, loadings, penalty rates, overtimes, payroll categories, etc) and this information is automatically synchronised with Payroll Guru with each pay run.
  • Can I make ad hoc changes to the pay run before I process the pays?
    • Yes. This is done via your Payroll Guru account. After easyemployer sends all the pay run information to easyemployer you can make ad hoc changes within Payroll Guru before sending out the pays. Examples of ad hoc changes are: adding a bonus, adding a salary sacrifice super amount (see below), adding multiple bank accounts, etc.
  • If I have no ad hoc changes, do I still have to log into my Payroll Guru account to send out the pays?
    • No. If there are no ad hoc changes to make, you simply tick a box in easyemployer to say ‘send out pays immediately’ and it will transfer all the information to Payroll Guru, process the pays, email the payslips to employees, and then return your ‘ABA’ file and ‘MYOB Journal’ in your easyemployer account.

Tax related

  • Will I need to worry about the amount of tax I need to withhold for staff?
    • No. All you need to do is set the correct ‘tax scale’ for each employee (based on their tax declaration form) and PG will calculate the tax required to withhold for each pay period.
  • Can I find out what PAYG tax I owe at any stage?
    • Yes – the PAYG Instalment Activity report will show you how much PAYG tax has been collected in a given period. From here you can easily send this to the ATO (see below).
  • Can I transfer PAYG tax to the ATO at the end of the quarter / year?
    • Yes – PG will generate the file in order to send to the ATO to lodge your PAYG tax each quarter and at the end of the financial year. This is done via the ATO’s required file format ‘EMPDUPE’.
  • Can I send PAYG summaries to staff easily?
    • Yes – PG will automatically generate the PAYG summaries at the end of the year and allow you email these directly to staff. You can also send these to staff ad hoc (if they have misplaced them) or allow them to access their own account to grab them.

Leave related

  • Will I need to worry about calculating the leave to be accrued for each employee?
    • No. All you need to do is specify the accrual values for each employee (e.g. rec leave 20 days / year, pc leave 10 days / year) and PG will accrue the required amounts for each employee on each pay run. You can then run the ‘leave report’ to see what leave was taken in the desired period, or the ‘employee summary report’ to show leave totals for each user.
  • Can managers and employees access their leave accrual totals inside easyemployer?
    • Yes.  
      • Allow staff to see their leave accruals – this is useful when applying for leave.
      • Allow managers to access employee leave totals for staff – very useful when approving / declining leave for staff.

Super related

  • If an employee earns less than $450 per month are they super free?
    • Yes – handled automatically in PG
  • If an employee is less than 18 and works less than 30 hours per week are they super free?
    • Yes – handled automatically in PG
  • Is leave loading exempt from super payments?
    • Yes – handled automatically in PG
  • Can I salary sacrifice superannuation?
    • Yes – you can set an amount per employee per pay run or change / add an ad hoc amount with each pay run.
  • Can I easily track the super owed to each employee at any time?
    • Yes – Super Contribution Report
  • Can I pay super providers automatically through PG?
    • Yes and no. PG can provide an ABA file in order for you to submit payments to super providers via EFT – but they don’t always accept this method. In general there is no standard way to handle payments to super providers – they accept payments through many different methods. PG will track each employee’s super provider and what is owed to them in the relevant pay period – making it easy to submit payments via each provider’s preferred method.

Employee termination

  • Can I pay out an employee’s remaining leave easily?
    • Yes – able to pay it out with the last pay slip


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