Payroll Guru - adding / updating an employee bank account and split net wages

This guide contains the following topics:

  • Adding a bank account manually to an employee
  • Updating a bank account for an employee
  • Splitting net wages (net wages disbursements)

What is this feature

This feature has been designed to allow an employees wages to be split into seperate accounts.

Why is this important

Some employees might have a requirement to split their pay into seperate accounts.


  • Bank accounts cannot be deleted or updated once they have been used (comment can be updated as required). You can create a new bank account and select that as the default.
  • Default bank accounts come from easyemployer when the pay run is exported.
  • Default bank accounts cannot be changed when the employee has an in progress payslip. The payslip needs to be removed first (or the pay run removed and the bank account updated in easyemployer before processing the pay run again).

How to add a bank account manually to an employee

1. Click employees.

2. Click the employee name.

3. Click Add new account.

 4. Enter the required information.

5. Click Submit.

6. Once the account has been added, it can be set as the default wages account to be used from now on.

NOTE: If you are in the middle of a pay run, you will need to remove the employee payslip first, then change the bank account if you need it to reflect on an in progress payslip.


How to update a bank account for an employee

1. Click employees.

2. Click the employee name.

3. Under Bank accounts click Add/edit accounts.

4. Click Edit next to the bank account.

5. Update the details as required (only comment can be updated if the bank account has been used on a payslip).


How to split net wages (net wages disbursements)

Net wages can be split.

1. Click employees.

2. Click the employee name.

3. Next to Post tax payments (net wages disbursements) click Add/edit post-tax payments.

4. Click Add post tax payment:

  • Payment type: net wages disbursements
  • Description: e.g. multiple bank accounts
  • Destination account: select the account you want this to go to (add a new bank account first if requried)
  • EFT reference: if required
  • Amount: enter the amount to be split to this bank account
  • Active: yes


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