Payroll Guru - Xero - account configuration

Exporting Chart of Accounts from Xero


1. Open your Xero company

2. Click Settings -> chart of accounts

3. Click Export and save the file to your computer.


Import Xero accounts into Payroll Guru


1. Open Payroll Guru

2. Click company -> Xero account setup

3. Under Chart of accounts click Choose file and select file downloaded in Exporting Chart of Accounts from Xero above and click Upload chart of accounts

4. Done.  Your chart of accounts has now been uploaded.



Setting default Xero accounts in Payroll Guru


1. Click Company

2. Click Xero account setup

3. Click Update Xero accounts and select the wage bank, expense and holding accounts as required and click Update


 4. Done!  Your default wage expense accounts have been updated. 



Setting cost centre Xero accounts in Payroll Guru

1. Click Company

2. Click Xero account setup

3. Click the link Xero accounts for cost centres

4. Click Update XERO Cost Centre Accounts

5. Set your cost centre Xero accounts and click update


4. Done!  Your Xero accounts are now assigned to cost centres.

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