All In One Kiosk | Installation & Setup

1) All In One Kiosk overview
2) Technical requirements
3) Installing the All In One Kiosk



All In One Kiosk | Unit Troubleshooting
Employee Guide | Setting a Pin Code
Time Clock | Enrolling & Re-Enrolling A User's Fingerprint


1) All In One Kiosk overview

The Easy Employer AIO (All In One) Kiosk is a wall-mountable (or) desktop "all in one" Microsoft Windows based POS computer that incorporates a convenient touchscreen and includes everything you need to capture staff work times either through PIN based or biometric based authentication.



2) Technical requirements

All units need to have a working power point and RJ45 network port with persistent internet access:

  • Recommended 5Mb/s down, 2Mb/s up (or greater)
  • Minimum 1Mb/s down, 0.5Mb/s up

We highly advise the use of a qualified technician to perform these tasks.

We ask that you provide unrestricted OUTBOUND internet access for your hardware but if that is not possible the firewall configuration detailed below needs to be in place for each site. Proxy servers are not supported.

The specific networking requirements are:


Protocol Source Port Destination IP Destination Port Action
 NTP UDP Any Any 123 Allow
DNS TCP Any Any 53 Allow
DNS UDP Any Any 53 Allow
HTTP TCP Any Any 443 Allow
HTTPS TCP Any Any 443 Allow
Monitoring TCP Any Any 60003-60023 Allow
Monitoring TCP Any Any 23560 Allow



  • Easy Employer AIO (All In One) Kiosks do not support proxy servers.
  • Easy Employer AIO Kiosks cannot be configured for Active Directory; or have any local computer/security policies edited.
  • For full terms and conditions of your supplied AIO Kiosk, please refer to your order form.


3) Installing the All In One Kiosk

When an AIO Kiosk is shipped, we provide a quick setup guide which explains the correct setup procedure. If you have misplaced this setup guide, please refer to the RELATED ARTICLES section for information regarding the troubleshooting of an installed unit. This article has the information for the plugs for each model of AIO Kiosks we supply.


IMPORTANT: Professional installation of your new AIO kiosk is strongly recommended.


To begin fingerprint enrolment - a user within EE (Easy Employer) with appropriate permissions (typically manager or greater) can then log in using their pin number, enrol their own fingerprint and start enrolling other staff members’ fingerprints. For further information on how to complete these steps, please refer to the RELATED ARTICLES section.



  • Clean the scanner lens as per the manufacturer's guidelines:
    • Minimum weekly cleaning is recommended.
    • Do not use isopropyl alcohol based cleaning solutions.
  • Never interrupt the AIO kiosk from:
    • Powering on.
    • Shutting down.
    • Performing periodic updates.

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