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What is the all in one kiosk?

The all in one kiosk is a 15" wall-mountable or desktop all in one computer that incorporates touch screen technology and includes everything you need to capture staff work times and provide your employees with self-service functions.



Technical Requirements.

All units need to have a working power point and RJ45 network port with persistent internet access:

  • Recommended 5Mb/s down, 2Mb/s up (or greater)
  • Minimum 1Mb/s down, 0.5Mb/s up

We highly advise the use of a qualified technician to perform these tasks.

We ask that you provide unrestricted OUTBOUND internet access for your hardware but if that is not possible the firewall configuration detailed below needs to be in place for each site. Proxy servers are not supported. 

The specific networking requirements are: 


Protocol Source Port Destination IP Destination Port Action
 NTP UDP Any Any 123 Allow
DNS TCP Any Any 53 Allow
DNS UDP Any Any 53 Allow
HTTP TCP Any Any 443 Allow
HTTPS TCP Any Any 443 Allow
Monitoring TCP Any Any 60003-60023 Allow
Monitoring TCP Any Any 23560 Allow


How to install your all in one kiosk.

1. Place each unit on a desk (if using the desktop version) and/or mount each unit (if using the wall version) at your desired location(s).

2. Source the power cable and network cable that are included with each unit and connect them to the unit(s).



3. The power and network port lights should flash/light up if connected successfully If the network ports don't flash/light up, please contact your IT support desk to ensure the port is connected correctly and meets the technical requirements outlined in this article.



The unit will boot into windows and automatically load the time clock software. 

A user within easyemployer with appropriate permissions (typically manager or greater) can then log in using their pin number, enrol their own fingerprint and start enrolling other staff members’ fingerprints (biometric model only).

Your staff can now start clocking using pin codes and/or fingerprint scanning. Please see our time & attendance guides for more information on pin code and biometric cocking functions (including how to set staff member pin codes).



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