Colour blindness - Google Chrome extension

easyemployer uses different colours throughout the website to represent different things.  If you are colour blind, you may not be able to utilise the easyemployer colour system to its full extent.

We recommend you use a Google Chrome extension called Chrome Daltonize!

To install Chrome Daltonize!:

1. Install or open Google Chrome

2. Browse to the Chrome Daltonizel! extension page by clicking the following link: Chrome Daltonizel! Extension

3. Click Add to Google Chrome

4. Click Add

5. The extension icon will be displayed on the top right of the browser:


6. To configure the extension, right click (PC) or two finger tap (Mac) and click Options

7. You can configure it to run at page load or to run it ad hoc, click the icon in the extension bar

For more information, see:


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