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  • Setting up a new employee in MYOB

Setting up a New Employee in MYOB

1. In order for easyemployer to integrate with MYOB correctly, each new employee must be configured correctly within MYOB

2. Follow the guide Export users from easyemployer into MYOB to import users into MYOB or manually add the new employee into MYOB.

3. Bring up the users card file

4. On the Profile tab ensure that the employee's Card ID matches their 'export code' in easyemployer (open the User's profile then select the Payroll tab)

5. Click Payroll Details and Wages.  Here you must tick all the Payroll Categories that are relevant to this employee  

6. Please note that these items should match the Payroll Categories for the position type this employee will be allocated to within easyemployer


7. Click on Standard Pay.  Here you must enter 0 hours for all Payroll Categories that are calculated in easyemployer


8. Click OK to save the updated information

9. Finished! You have correctly added an employee to MYOB

NOTE: If you change the hourly rate of an employee, MYOB will automatically change the ‘Payroll Category’ hours back to 40. It is important that you adjust the ‘Payroll Category’ hours back to 0


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