MYOB 20+ - export users from easyemployer into MYOB 20+

This article includes the following topics:

  • Exporting user details out of easyemployer
  • Import user details into MYOB

Employee details can be exported from easyemployer and imported into MYOB.  

The following details of an employee are exported:

  • All personal details
  • Contact details
  • Employee card ID
  • TFN
  • Superannuation details

Exporting user details out of easyemployer

1. Open the payroll report

2. Finalise and lock the payroll report as per normal procedures

3. Once the payroll report is locked, the Download users export file for payroll application option will be shown

4. Click the Download users export file for payroll application link


5. Save the file to your computer. 


Import user details into MYOB

1. Open MYOB and your Company file

2. Click File -> Import / Export Assistant

3. Click Import Data and click Next

4. Select the following:

  • Import: Cards
  • Cards type: Employee Cards


5. Click Browse and select the file you download in Exporting user details from easyemployer

6. Click Next

7. Select the following:

  • Data is seperated by: Commas
  • The first line of the file contains: Headers or Labels
  • If data you are importing already exists in this company file: update the existing data
  • Match cards using their: Emp. Card ID


8. Click Next

9. Click Match All


10. Click Next

11. Backup your company if required

12. Click Import

13. New employees not in MYOB will now have been added and existing employee details updated

14. If there were errors, you can view the log by clicking Click here


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