Xero - exporting a payrun

This guide contains the following information:

What elements are exported and created in Xero

  1. Timesheets including shift totals, taken leaves, allowances
  2. Leave applications and related taken leave from the current pay run
  3. Earnings rates and associated totals against tracking categories if applicable
  4. The pay run and all employee pay slips

Exporting a payrun using Xero

1. Open the payroll report by following the instructions provided in our Payroll Report guide and address any payroll warnings that may be present

2. Once the warnings have been addressed, Finalise and lock the the Payroll Period. 

3. A pay run can be exported to Xero as per the standard export a pay run guide. This outcome of this process is that you finalise the payroll report and click the 'export for payroll processing' button which will export the pay run to Xero.

 The export will begin


  • You will receive a message informing you that the export was successful


4. If there are any anomalies or incorrect data being exported or created in Xero, a dialog with information will be displayed. These situations (that may include manual intervention) are outlined below.

5. To access the pay run, open and log in to your Xero account

6. Select Payroll from the top navigation bar

7. Select Payruns from the drop down


8. The export will appear as a Draft Pay Run


9. Open the pay run, review the information and when you're ready, Post the Pay Run


Situations requiring manual intervention on pay run export

The following situations are highlighted when exporting a pay run and may require manual corrections:

  1. Missing cost centre code off a role in easyemployer
  2. Timesheet already exists in Xero. If you are re-exporting the pay run then please follow the ‘guide for re-exporting a pay run’.
  3. Cost totals mismatch for grand totals, individual employee, or individual rates for an employee.

Note: Details on how to manually intervene in these situations can be found in the Xero Synchronisation Guide


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