Xero - Exporting entitlement balances

This guide contains the following information:

  • Exporting entitlement balances from Xero
  • Importing entitlement balances into easyemployer

What are entitlement balances

An entitlement balance is often referred to as a leave type. The types of leave available will vary between industries and organisations. Some organisations may have Annual leave and Personal leave however other organisations may have Time in lieu and Rostered days off.

Why is this important

As many organisations use easyemployer for payroll interpretation it is important that the entitlement balances are kept current. As organisations and payroll conditions change the old awards entered into easyemployer need to be updated to reflect these changes.

How to export entitlement balances from Xero

1. Select Organisation from navigation bar


2. Select Import/Export 


3. Select Import/Update Entitlement Balances


4. Make Payroll application is set to Xero and select appropriate payroll entity


5. Select Next

6. Map the appropriate employees from Xero to easyemployer

  • Users that cannot be accurately matched to an employee in easyemployer will be shown as weak match
  • Double check users are mapped correctly


7. Map the appropriate payroll entitlements from Xero to easyemployer


8. Press Import

For more information, follow the Importing entitlement balances into easyemployer guide


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