3. MYOB AccountRight live (API) - importing entitlement types from MYOB Online into easyemployer

This guide contains the following topic:

  • Import entitlement types from MYOB ARL in easyemployer

What are entitlement types

Entitlements are the different forms of leave that employees accrue for the duration of their employment.  

Why is this important

Organisations would utilise this feature in different ways depending on their needs. This feature enables organisations to update their entitlement types as well as add new ones. Importing these updates or changes removes the need to manually enter them.

How to import entitlement types from MYOB online into easyemployer

1. Click Organisation

2. Click import / export

3. Click Import entitlement types

4. Select source application and payroll entity

5. Ensure the correct entitlement types in MYOB are mapped to easyemployer


6. Click import records now.


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