4. MYOB AccountRight live (API) - syncing application

This article contains information about the following topic:

  • How to manually sync MYOB Online and easyemployer

What is this function

This function will link easyemployer and the designated MYOB online account so that the two accounts can communicate. 

Why is this important

Linking these two accounts is necessary for the systems to best assist with managing payroll.

If you have not connected easyemployer and MYOB before, the following items need to be completed:

  1. Connecting easyemployer to MYOB Online
  2. Importing users
  3. Importing entitlement types

How to perform the sync manually

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Import / Export

3. Click Sync Applications

4. Choose your payroll entity and click next


Automatic sync

When you export the payroll report to MYOB, this will automatically perform a sync. 


What details will be updated

  • User details in MYOB will update easyemployer (e.g. change in address)
  • New users in easyemployer will be created in MYOB
  • Job codes will be updated in easyemployer


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